12 Crafts for the Season - Day 1: Christmas Wreath Making at the Attenborough Arts Centre

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We here at AAaH have been gearing up for the holiday season for months, and we are so excited for it to finally be at our doorsteps. Not only is it a time for great celebration, joy, and family, but all the decorations and gift-giving make it the perfect time to get crafting.

As well as the amazing selections of kits we offer that can be used to create beautiful gifts or decorations for all from candlesticks to jesmonite sculptures, the Attenborough Arts Centre itself has a range of creative courses and events to get us all in the spirit. One of these is wreath making!

The making of wreaths has been traced back to the ancient Greeks, as they would make them using fresh tree-leaves, twigs, small fruits, and flowers and wear them as headdresses to symbolizes their rank and status. Today, wreaths are heavily associated with December holidays as they are a beautiful decoration that celebrates the strength of surviving harsh winters. Although traditionally made from evergreens, modern wreaths can be made from any number of materials to create unique decorations that reflect you and the home you live in.

Interested in creating one of your own? Sign up to one of the many AAC wreath making classes now. We have a number of classes going throughout November, with the final class taking place on Friday 3rd December at 6:00 so be quick to get in!

Throughout December we will be posting 12 days of crafting, to give you an expanse of crafting inspiration for decorations and gifts galore. Keep an eye out and share anything you create with us at @attenboroughartsathome on all social platforms.