12 Crafts for the Season - Day 10: Bring Back Historical Crafts With These Pin Pricked Cards

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Cards are a huge part of any holiday, but when they are homemade it makes them extra special. There are so many ways to decorate a card, but one technique that you might not have thought of is pin pricking.

The history of the Christmas card dates back to 1843 when Henry Cole, the later founding director of the V&A, commissioned a card showing a family around the dinner table with the message ‘A merry Christmas and a happy new year to all. A batch of 1,000 cards were printed and sold for one shilling each, catching the Victorians imaginations the Christmas card trend began. By the late 1880’s sending cards were extremely popular, with a total of 11.5 million cards produced in the UK in 1880 alone. Although many were ready to buy, it was an extremely popular craft to create you own cards with techniques such as pin pricking.

To make these delightful cards, you will need:

  • A4 card
  • A pin
  • A pencil
  • Optional materials to further decorate such as ribbons, glitter, bows, etc.

How to:

  • Fold the A4 Card in half to create the card shape.
  • On the inside of the front page, draw out with a pencil the design you would like on the front. You could choose holiday related items such as Christmas trees, stockings, or crackers, or anything you like.
  • Take your pin and dot across the design you have drawn, the pressure from the pin will cause the card to forms bumps on the front of the card that show your design.
  • Once all the design has been pricked, you can optionally add other embellishments to the cards before writing your message on the inside.

Tip: The designs can be as simple or complex as you desire, just remember that if you are writing words they will have to be mirrored in the drawing to read properly on the outside. If you are interested in the art of creating designs through creating textures, investigate Ruthie’s AAaH Lino Printing kit, which teaches you all about carving and printing to create bold prints. Don’t forget to explore all our other AAaH kits and the existing 12 days of crafting posts – only two more days left!