12 Crafts for the Season - Day 11: Craft Mini Rosemary Wreaths For All

· 327 words · about 2 minutes

You’ve seen our wreath making classes on offer at Attenborough Arts Centre, but maybe you couldn’t make the classes or are still have a hankering for more. Well, how about mini wreaths made with rosemary!

These mini wreaths are perfect for any occasion and usage, as they can become decorations for the tree, present toppers, or quirky place setting. Funnily enough, rosemary was once as popular a Christmas plant as mistletoe and holly until the 20th century. Its not clear why the plant fell out of favour, but rosemary itself represents love and remembrance, a great addition to all holidays. This craft only requires four materials, while still being easy and fun to make with the whole family.

You will need:

  • Rosemary Sprigs
  • Scissors
  • String, ribbon, or twine
  • Thin wire

How to:

  • Cut the wire into 6 pieces, around 7.5cm each.
  • Prepare the rosemary sprigs by cutting them to 20 cm each, trimming the weak part from the top and bottom to utilise the sturdy middle part of the sprig.
  • Remove rosemary leaves from the top and bottom of each sprig by 1cm each so it’s just bare stem.
  • Working to the thickest part of the stem to the thinnest, gently flex the sprig with your fingers to make it more pliable.
  • Take each end of the spring and make a circle by crossing the two ends, then secure it with the pre-cut wire by winding it around the two ends.
  • Cover the wire by winding the string, ribbon, or twine around it. You can make this into a bow or make a loop so you can hang them up. A perfect gift for yourself or anyone in your life. For more gift ideas, explore our range of AAaH kits today – they make amazing presents due to their accessibility, diverse projects, and reusable nature. Why not also delve into our other 12 days of crafting posts to see all the other exciting crafting opportunities that await.