12 Crafts for the Season - Day 5: Christingle – Do You Know Its History?

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For many of us across the UK the Christingle was a cherished and slightly odd part of our Christmas celebrations. But where did it come from and how can you carry on this quirky tradition?

The tradition started in 1747 in Germany by John de Watteville, who wanted it to symbolise the religious aspects of the holiday. However, it did not become popular in the UK until 1968 when John ‘Mr Christingle’ Pensom used at a fundraising event for the Children’s Society charity, where children exchanged money for oranges pierced with a candle.

Since then, the Christingle has become connected to not only Christmas but fundraising for charities in the holidays, growing in popularity with every passing year raising around £1million per year for children across the UK.

Although a lot of its roots lay in religion, it has become a symbol of sharing, community, and charitable spirit to join together people of all faiths. No matter your beliefs, it’s a fun and odd holiday decoration that can brighten anybody’s day.

If you would like to make your own, you will need:

  • 1 Orange
  • A red ribbon
  • 1 candle
  • 4 toothpicks
  • Pierceable sweets or candies, such as jelly tots and raisins

How to:

  • Tie the ribbon around the orange.
  • Pierce the 4 toothpicks into the orange, above the ribbon and on opposite sides to each other.
  • Put your sweets of choice onto the toothpicks.
  • Pierce the candle into the top of the orange.
  • Light the candle.

A simple, fun, and slightly odd holiday accessories that is as intriguing as it is tasty. However, if from this you are intrigued by the idea of crafting more in the holidays why not explore our AAaH kits, which offer a range of guided and accessible crafts for anytime of the year. Ruthie’s Lino Printing kit offers the chance to create bold prints using block printing techniques – maybe you could design a print of the Christingle!