Unique and Spooky: Vampire Bat Leaves

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Halloween comes once a year and we all delight in the cold nights, sweet treats, and the wonderfully spooky décor. Whether you want to unleash all the ghosts, ghouls, and goblins into your home or go for the more refined but scary theme, we are here to help.

It can be very tempting to go to a big chain-store and buy up all the plastic trinkets on sale however, this year, why not experiment with crafting your own unique decorations that are easy, fun, and much more environmentally friendly. We introduce to you: Vampire Bat Leaves. The construction of these incredible pieces couldn’t be easier, but we have broken it down for you below anyway.

Go outside and get some leaves.

It is the perfect time of year to gather supplies, as piles of beautiful orange and yellow leaves fill our streets more and more every day. So, get out there on your own or with family and friends for some leaf hunting, looking out for leaves of various sizes and shapes so that the end product can have more variety and texture.

Painting and detailing.

To transform the leaves into bats first they will have to be painted jet black. The beautiful thing about using leaves is that they already have natural textures from being grown, so the bats come alright prepared with beautiful groves that make each creation unique. Once dry, use a white marker pen or white paint to draw on devilish eyes and sharp vampire teeth to truly bring them to life.

Let your creativity flow.

Even though black is the classic colour for these bats, why not get creative! Who is to say that bats cannot be pink or green or even multicoloured? You could even change the whole game and paint the leaves white making them into spooky ghosts instead. After creating these spooky bats, why not explore your creative side more with craft kits by Attenborough Arts at Home? We have a range of kits that will fit anyone needs, whether they are spooky or not, as they are accessible, fun, and reusable for any occasion. Check them out today!

Image source: Good housekeeping