Why crafting is good for you

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It's been a weird year, hasn't it? But with everyone stuck at home, millions of people around the world have been rediscovering old passions, picking up new hobbies and learning skills they didn't have the time to previously.

Crafting is on a resurgence, but what is it about crafting that made it so appealing during a time of such hardship? Well, we've put together some of the main reasons why crafting is good for you and people have been returning to it after such a long absence.

It helps reduce stress, depression and anxiety – If you’re on team stress, it’s been a good year for you. But for everyone else it’s been a hard year. Luckily, studies show that calm repetition of crafting can release serotonin, a natural anti-depressant. Plus, the act of crafting works in the same way as meditation and can minimise the effect of stress in your life.

Projects help build self-esteem – Is there anything quite as daunting as a black page, that first stitch, or when your first start manipulating the clay? But then there is nothing as rewarding as seeing your creation, something you’ve visualised, planned, and worked on start to form in front of you. When you complete a project, or even just start to see it all coming together, that boost you get is just amazing.

Ease insomnia – Insomnia sucks (hot take, I know). You’re ridiculously tired but you just can’t sleep, then you get frustrated that you’re not sleeping, which just makes sleeping even harder. Repeat until sunrise. Crafts to the rescue! Focussing on something soothing, easy and repetitive allowed you and you mind to wind down enough to get to bed. A study by the Mind/Body institute found that 100% of insomnia patients reported improved sleep by using crafting.

Builds friendships – We’ve been in a lockdown for what feels like forever (although, if you’re from the future reading this, I really hope you’re not), and many people have felt disconnected from their friends. But with craft groups starting up online and more people sharing their creations, it’s become a great way to meet new people and launch friendships.

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