Unique and Spooky: Vampire Bat Leaves

· 361 words · about 2 minutes

Halloween comes once a year and we all delight in the cold nights, sweet treats, and the wonderfully spooky décor. Whether you want to unleash all the ghosts, ghouls, and goblins into your home or go for the more refined but scary theme, we a… Read more

How To Start an Art Habit

· 520 words · about 3 minutes

​Here at Attenborough Arts at Home, we believe that art is one of the most amazing practices in the world but sometimes it can be hard to get into the rhythm of it.… Read more

All You Need to Know About Jesmonite

· 483 words · about 2 minutes

Jesmonite is such an amazing material to craft with to bring your art to life, and we want to tell you all about it. Experimental artist, Yambe Tam, utilises jesmonite frequently within her work to explore our relationship with zen, philosoph… Read more

Oil Painting: Tips and Tricks

· 303 words · about 2 minutes

Oil paints are enjoyable to work with and are boundless in the way they can be used and applied. The variation in texture, colour and consistency is limitless, and it isn't surprising that many beloved paintings from the Renaissance were crea… Read more

Why crafting is good for you

· 380 words · about 2 minutes

It's been a weird year, hasn't it? But with everyone stuck at home, millions of people around the world have been rediscovering old passions, picking up new hobbies and learning skills they didn't have the time to previously. Crafting is on a… Read more

3 quick and easy ways to take your life drawing to the next level

· 475 words · about 2 minutes

While life drawing courses are central to many art schools, you don’t need to take a class or have access to live models in order to get better at sketching the human form. We've put together a few quick and easy methods that can help you tak… Read more

3 reasons crafting is great for your mental health

· 494 words · about 2 minutes

Making can change your life According to research done over the last few decades, crafting can reduce the symptoms of depression, loneliness, anxiety, and even dementia. Here are some ways in which making can help heal the mind. Engaging with… Read more

Unleash your creativity

· 287 words · about a minute

We believe that everyone has a creative side – and yes, that includes you too! Whether you’re a complete beginner or regular maker wanting to try out something new, our art and crafts kits are designed to help people of all ages and abilities… Read more