Paul’s Chinese Brush and Ink Kit

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Discover this ancient oriental art form

Chinese Brush Painting involves using simple, effortless brushstrokes to depict the essence of a figure or scene. It's known for its traditional calligraphic style, with an emphasis on the motion of the brushstrokes and getting the right concentrations of ink. It requires patience, perseverance and an expert teacher – which is guaranteed when you're taught by Paul Maslowski.

About your tutor and kit

Paul has always been interested in oriental arts and found himself drawn to the country of China. It was when Paul saw a Chinese Calligraphy Master practising his calligraphy that he realised this was the art form for him.

Paul has practised Chinese Brush Painting for 25 years and has taught it for 19 years. He met his wife Claire through a shared interest in the art form and they went on to set up Double Happiness Studio Market Harborough.

In your Chinese Brush painting kit, you’ll find what is known as the ‘Four Treasures', which are Chinese brushes and paper, along with an ink stick and ink stone that you use to grind the ink. The kit includes a few types of Chinese papers so you can see the differences between them, as well as a couple of brushes which give different effects. As an added bonus, there is a brush rest which is shaped in the manner of the character for Mountain (Shan).

Once you’ve purchased your kit, we’ll email you a link to Paul's tutorial video which you can stream via our website. In this, Paul will give an introduction to Chinese Brush Painting, with a nod to classical subjects such as the Chinese Orchid, the Carp and the Huangshan (Yellow Mountains).

What’s in the kit?

Chinese brush box kit:

  • Ink stick
  • Water well
  • 2 brushes
  • Ink slate/well

Additional items:

  • Large calligraphy brush
  • Brush stand
  • Grass paper
  • Dan xuan paper

This kit contains everything to get budding Chinese brush artists started. The only thing you’ll need to supply yourself is some newspaper or felt that you can lay the paper on. This is to make sure that ink doesn’t go through to the surface you’re working on.

More on your tutor, Paul Maslowski

Paul always loved art, but didn’t get to immediately pursue it as he was placed in the maths and science streams of his school’s curriculum. However, he persevered and was eventually trained in the UK by a Taiwanese artist studying for his PhD. Paul spent 18 months learning how to form a painting and the next two to three years learning traditional painting techniques. He then went travelling and studied in China, followed by Taiwan.

With work exhibited in the UK, Taiwan, Poland, France, Spain and the United States, Paul is particularly proud of his painting series titled ‘Buddha Heart Mountain’, as it led him back to Taiwan. At the launch of the exhibition, his work was projected onto the Tai Chung Art Centre and even onto a car!

Passionate about sharing the art form whenever he gets the chance, Paul teaches in Leicester’s inspiring Botanic Gardens and has run a summer school for Attenborough Arts Centre for a number of years.

You can discover Paul and Claire’s work and find out about their teaching workshops on their website.

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